Black Raw Food Goddess

July 31, 2009

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Women it is time for us to rise up and take our rightful places as the healers in our homes.  We must restore peace to the universe by first restoring peace to our individual families.  Apples and fresh cinnamon keeps you sweet.  Greens bring clarity and prosperity.  Watermelon keeps the family vibration cool.  Let’s say no more to artificial colors, additives and preservatives.  Let’s refuse to give our children; our babies non-organic fruit and vegetables, causing mood swings and irritability. 

We must pamper and nurture our spouses with love and healthy nutrition.  No more bacon and eggs, to get the day started.  What are we starting with this kind of meal?  How about organic Oat groats instead, with raw almond milk and a variety of fresh seasonal fruits?  No more hysterectomies, fibroid tumors, diabetes, high-blood pressure, yeast infections, or candida.

Let’s bathe our wombs in healthy foods, like fresh apricots, peaches and nectarines.  No more chemically induced perfumes.  Let’s smell like the flowers by using 100% pure essential oils.  Let us show the universe that we care about each other, by honoring mother nature.  Let’s not curse or use harsh words to express ourselves, this affects our wombs in a negative way.

Let’s start today, telling ourselves as women, that we are the true givers of life and that life begets life, not death.  Our planet is depending on us.  Let’s go RAW and instead of destroying the world, let’s honor her.  Let’s really, truly, HONOR HER!

Peace and Blessings

POEM: What happens to our wombs?

My sisters/what happens to our wombs/when we allow doom/to enter in/even after an abortion/you must still be your own best friend/and in the end/you can win/you didn’t really sin/just perhaps/way back when/you missed the mark/well now it’s time to have an heart to heart/you don’t even have to be supersmart/could even be homeless and pushing a cart/see everything we take into our wombs/may need a broom/to be clean out/now red meat may make you shout/but good old broccoli/can get it out/and what about/our loud mouths/that lie about/how we really feel about/ those fibroid tumors/and fresh Kale/won’t spread rumors/but allow you to heal sooner/because the calcium is rich/and with cucumbers/you can’t miss/yes, it’s a perfect mix/of fiber and water/and sisters/give plenty to your daughters/it might not be what the traditional doctor ordered/but you will no longer boarder/on diabetes/it’s starch and sugar that creates these/but leafy greens can reverse/and don’t forget your tomatoes/it may save you from that hearse/and my sisters your wombs/don’t curse/it hasn’t turned on you/it’s all this American toxic food/ and the medical system/telling you/what to do/now watermelon can be your first clue/do you know what it can do/it can help eliminate the flu/due/to all the toxins in you/let thy food by thy medicine and thy medicine thy food/now they say it was a dude/who told you/what to do/but I believe it was you/mother nature/she could never hate you/she produces for you/and what we put in our bodies/affect everything we do/from the relationships we choose/to where we go to school/to even how well we can play pool/or other extracurricular activities/so my sisters/it’s you and me/solving our health issues/naturally/and as for me/I’m going easily/chewing on some carrots/and let’s see/give thanks that I am RAW and FREE/to GLOW and be/my true/loving/ME!


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