Black Raw Food Goddess

August 16, 2009

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My brothers and sisters go RAW/is bad health knocking at your door/and you refuse to heed the call/my sisters/go RAW/imagine the image you will give to your girls/and with healthy foods you could never be bored/see what the Goddess has in store/is longevity and more/radiant beauty/and your butt/yes/it can still be a cutie/with roots like Maca you see/and a super food like Goji Berries/can reverse disease/and restore your sight/and loving the sun/now this is out of sight/it brings you light/that produces vitamin D/and on my mother’s life/her name is Marie/it creates everlasting beauty/and keeps the bones strong/and calcium/how long/will it take for us to relate/that milk is not for us/it’s the sun/not store bought/that creates this too/and what about our wombs/and vagina too/yes sister I’m looking at you/the one with the jet black skin/yes the sun you can get in/it will restore your beautiful black skin/to how you looked/way back when/and my white brothers and sisters/please don’t let the sun miss ya/you need it too/and sun screen will never do/it may create Cancer in you/just watch what you eat/and what you do/so you won’t burn/my people when will we learn/that the sun gives energy to the earth/the plants and the dirt/and creates good health/don’t let society that dealt/another blow to you/telling you what to do/so that they can get money from you/buying this cream/and a crew/of other things/you don’t need/my sisters we could all be slim and lean/and healthy and clean/please don’t cook those beans/but sprout instead/and don’t eat right before you go to bed/your digestion system is like dead/and ready to sleep/and my sisters/soak your feet/in sea salt and peace/and don’t forget to release/all those thought that keep/you up at night/so let’s do it right/RAW foods are tight/and my sisters you just might/remove fright/ and the weight you don’t like/well for tonight/I’m turning off the lights/and delight/in tomorrow’s sight/and know that everything will be nice/no starch/no chips/no hype/I love you all/alright/


Women, especially black women, we don’t have to let society dictate our beauty.  The hair you were born with is so beautiful.  Your lips are so beautiful; your skintone is so beautiful. Men stop making our women feel schizophrenic about their looks.  Love and embrace their natural beauty.  When you see a sister embracing her natural state, congratulate her, encourage her, love her.

Sisters, even if all the men in the world told you that you were beautiful, would you believe them?  It’s you that must look in the mirror and see your true beauty.  Get a mirror, right now, and look closely and without comparing yourself to anyone else, find one thing about your face that is beautiful.  Come on sisters, get closer.  You know your nose is pretty or the shape of your eyes are unique.  Maybe you have a beautiful birthmark and pretty skin.  Now get even closer and kiss your image.  Tell her you love her.  Make peace with her.  Alright now, that wasn’t so bad now was it?  Okay, my sisters, enough for tonight.  It’s time to sleep and rejuvenate and perhaps tomorrow you can come back to that mirror and pick up where you left off.  Don’t worry, I will be doing it with you, looking in the mirror.

Peace and blessings, Queens. More love.



  1. Thank You for your wonderful blog and videos! I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award and Beautiful Blogger Award because I love your blog. To share this little bit of blogging kindness: 1. Display the award image on your blog. 2. Link back to the person who nominated you. 3. State 7 things about yourself. 4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to their sites. 5. Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to the post.

    Comment by Onleilove — November 26, 2012 @ 2:43 am

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